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About Supreme Court Monthly

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The law Report Supreme Court Monthly (SCM) came into existence in January 2001. Its stated goals was and remains accessibilty of judgements of the Apex Courts to all members of the bar and the bench alike as well as affordability of the reports. Thus helping all who are Ministers in the temple of justice.

It is worthy of note, that the report since its inception into the Nigerian Law Reporting waters has not missed a volume till date. Also, there is no judgement delivered by the Supreme Court during this period that has not been reported. Furthermore, to take for ease of research all judgements delivered in a year are reported in that year.

Special features of SCM are:

  • Well edited headnotes - the ratios are quoted directly from the text of the judgement, not paraphrased, to avoid any misinterpretations.
  • A full Digest of all subject matter covered in each volume of the report is provided in the preliminary pages for ease of reference. Our Digest is unique as it does not ask questions, rather it gives the principal itself.
  • Comprehensive Index of all subject matter covered from January - December of each year is also provided.
  • SCM reports current judgements of the Supreme Court timeously, and as it is monthly, each volume is handy.

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